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We love beer.

But not only for this reason we produced an Ipad-App together with TasteOne Communications for BraufactuM – also because we love doing Apps!

Sorry, you cant download this App, it is exclusive to the people in BraufactuM.

But here some screens:



Die fremde Familie – Titledesign

We already have worked together with Stefan Krohmer for his film “Dutschke”, – now we have been asked to do the titles for his latest film “Die fremde Familie”, which we think is amazing. The film was shown last week on the ARD at 20.15, if you missed it you can watch it here.
Anyway, here some screens from the titledesign:

We do a quite a lot of Titledesign/Filmdesign in general, check out some of our lastest stuff on this pdf.

The Only Way Out Is Through

Mike Mills¬†showed his work in Berlin at the Pool Gallery. The show is a kind of retrospect of Mills visual universe. The images, stories that shaped his way of seeing the world and influenced his work. A lot of pieces are centered around 1971 the year Mills turned 5 and thus real memory started for him. Here at fried-onions we are fans of Mill’s works, and the capacity he has to switch from one medium to another in what seems an effortless action. So no need to say we enjoyed the show.¬†

11th of December

Today we share with you the work of an amazing graphic designer, Mark Brooks. We have worked together in the past, and it has always been a pleasure to work with him. Let’s hope the future brings more collaborations. He currently splits his time between New York and Barcelona, and we are hoping he will have the time to come and visit us in Berlin.

Mark Brooks

10th of December

Today you we can enjoy the contribution of a great programar and a dear friend of ours Alba G. Corral. She is a processing magician who loves the lines of code with which she create beautiful line compositions. She also does live visuals with processing and sure knows how to have a great time at these gigs. Enjoy!