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We are really happy to leave soon for christmas and celebrate the end of the year. This has been a good one and we are looking forward to 2011!
Therefore we wanted to do one last nice project for ourselves and all the lovely people we worked with.

We are big Xmas fans and therefore also fans of Xmas trees. So we decided to make nice computer icons for the christmas tree and send them out to our friends / co-workers / clients.

So we laser-cutted our favourite icons and voila, this is it.
Check out the website:

We have been busy for the past months working together with heimat and the BVR. Following the campaign concept of “was uns antreibt” (what is your motivation). We created a youtube competition asking the German public what it is that motivates them. The price for the winner would be that the BVR makes that dream/motivation come true.

The results on the youtube channel were great almost half a million views.

The winner of the competition was Marco Weissenberg. His dream? He wants to be a magician. So while he has been working hard on his tricks, we have been working hard on his website. It was a very nice project to do as there was some filming involved and it took us away from our computers for a couple of days.

You can see the site here. Hopefully Marco will succeed and he will be the next David Blaine!

Hope you like it!


Actually we did this project this winter (which was sooo long, that we can´t remeber when exactly) together with heimat. It´s a website for hanuta and a “special” site also, where you had to make teams and the biggest team could win a training with a german futbol-legend.

Also we produced a banner campain supporting both sites, where you had to catch the hanuta with your mouse.
Have a break, have a …. ! hanuta!

We just finished the site of, for whom we created a costumized CMS. Check it out, their work is amazing. And the people working there too.

We won a Bronze at the German ADC!

Nice! We are extremely happy to have won a Bronze in the 2010 ADC (Art Directors Club) for the work we did, together with Ad Agency “Heimat“, for the Volksbank und Raiffeisenbank. The award is for the website we made:

Heimat on their hand picked up Gold and Silver for their work on the commercials of the Volksbank und Raiffeisenbank plus a bunch of other awards for different clients.

So as we said we are very happy with our contribution to such a great project and this is great news!

Becks Banner

We just finished some banners for Beck´s, where you can win tickets to the Splash-festival 2010. It was a nice job. A welcome change to the things we have been dealing with. You can find the animated banners online here:, and on

If you wanna win tickets, click here. Good luck!

Valentines day typeface

Happy valentines day! Download here our lovely font (if you like).

And we promise to post about our current and upcoming projects very soon! Till then!

The bottle-trashcan-idea

Last summer we had an idea while sitting outside in the sun with a beer in our hands – to build a recycling add-on attached to the public trashcans where we could put our bottles after drinking our beer? I have to explain that in Germany you pay a deposit for each bottle, so there are a lot of people searching for bottles to get some pennies, but there are also a lot of people just leaving the beer-bottles out in the streets, just where they drunk it. These mostly end up smashed – not cool, even less if you are biking in Berlin (like 99% of the people).

So the idea would be that you just put your bottle in this box, so people know where to search for them to collect them and on the other hand you avoid broken glass in the streets.

So we presented the idea on the website of Tchibo-Ideas. It is a site where everybody can post ideas which make the every day life easier and we won the 3rd prize in may. Also we were part of the exhibition of ideas in Hamburg – here a picture.


Thanks to Dani for the foto and to the BE BERLIN-Team for their support!

New Studio

We moved to Kreuzberg!

15th, 16th and today

The 15th we had a really good photographer from Barcelona in our calendar, he is called Marc Badia and here his site. And like some before, he is also a really old and close friend.

The 16th we are happy to present you Untitled Design Berlin – a studio specialized in Title Design and Artwork for Films. Check their works out – they are really nice. Big kiss to Bäbä!

Today is the day of Khanh Do. She is a really young and talented illustrator. Its a pitty that we still don´t know her personally, but i hope soon we do!

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