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Was uns antreibt / Kraft der Genossenschaft

Together with Heimat, Triggerhappy and Nalden (it was dope meeting him) we have been working for the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. We did the website for the BVR campaign It is all about motivation and drive, like the last one. Click the link to get to know 10 different people and what drives them.

Also as a part of this project we developed, which explains everything about the strength of the collective.

Both sites were developed in html5.

Have fun scrolling!

Right now you can also download the font of Ernst, one of the protagonists on the site. He has just learned how to read and write at the age of 55. To support him and his group Fontshop digitalized his hand writing and made an Open Typeface of it. The BVR pays 1 € for each Download to Ernsts ABC-support group!

Download the font here for free.

Stayed tuned as there will more updates coming soon!


Falling Skies

Together with heimat, Berlin we had the opportunity to take part in a 360° project for the TNT-series “Falling Skies”.

For the launch of the series there was a webcomic developed (which explains the story before the series, Dark Horse Comics-Design , written Paul Tobin and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra) and in this style heimat – together with ALEXANDRE FARTO aka Vhils – blew out some walls in Berlin and made an expo and a cool spot out of it.
We made a Facebook-App where the user can be part of the resistance of Falling Skies and digitally blow out some walls.


It was really fun to do this tictac – banner campaign together with heimat, Berlin for ferrero!
There are a lot of different stories and jokes and characters, here is one of them:

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We developed a site for the DZ Bank / Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe together with heimat, Berlin.

The aim of the website is to find Trainees for the participating banks. They can find info online and apply for an internship.

The Website is developed in html5 – and there is also an Ipad and mobile version.
Further we also did a banner campain and a microsite, newsletter for it.

There will be a nice update soon, so look out for it in the next month.


For one our favorite chocolates – yummie – we developed this site and a bannercampain.
As so may times before, we had the pleasure to work with heimat, Berlin for ferrero.

Werte schaffen Werte

Again we had the pleasure to work together with heimat and the BVR.

This time it was not only the BVR, but also partners which all allied under a cooperative idea of “Werte-schaffen-Werte”, which means something like “values create values”. The face for this campaign is Ulrich Wickert, a very famous journalist, author and one of the best known broadcasters in Germany. We also had the pleasure to work with the images created by Jim Rakete.

We did an internal Website (sorry, need a password to log in), the official Website and a Banner-Campain (check an example here) for it.

The aim was to create an information-based campaign, where users can get info about the values and advantages of the association.

The whole website was developed using html and javascript.


“Handgemacht” is a 3.30 min film for the BVR, which we did together with heimat.
The idea was to create a film for the thousands of BVR employees explaining how to create a corporate print ad.
As everybody knows that corporate manuals can be super boring, we tried to give it a twist and make it as light and funny as possible, using Stop-Motion, Live-Action, some Special Effects and a lot of Love.
Here some screens:

We have been busy for the past months working together with heimat and the BVR. Following the campaign concept of “was uns antreibt” (what is your motivation). We created a youtube competition asking the German public what it is that motivates them. The price for the winner would be that the BVR makes that dream/motivation come true.

The results on the youtube channel were great almost half a million views.

The winner of the competition was Marco Weissenberg. His dream? He wants to be a magician. So while he has been working hard on his tricks, we have been working hard on his website. It was a very nice project to do as there was some filming involved and it took us away from our computers for a couple of days.

You can see the site here. Hopefully Marco will succeed and he will be the next David Blaine!

Hope you like it!


Actually we did this project this winter (which was sooo long, that we can´t remeber when exactly) together with heimat. It´s a website for hanuta and a “special” site also, where you had to make teams and the biggest team could win a training with a german futbol-legend.

Also we produced a banner campain supporting both sites, where you had to catch the hanuta with your mouse.
Have a break, have a …. ! hanuta!

We just finished the site of, for whom we created a costumized CMS. Check it out, their work is amazing. And the people working there too.

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